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Sat 13 Apr 2024
Ploughmans CC Chairman's XI
Ploughmans Cricket Club
Friendly XI

Match Preview

Liam Gray11 Apr - 11:35
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Ploughmans Chairman's XI vs Ploughmans President’s XI

Match referee | Oli Lonsdale

This year Ploughmans CC Chairman’s XI, lead by Tom Glynne-Jones (c) and Benny Cobbett (vc) compete against Ploughmans CC President’s XI, lead by Will Curtis (c) and Simon Crane (vc) for The Patrick Gledhill trophy. The trophy will remain in the trophy cabinet thereafter.

This is the first time in the history of cricket that a T20 Test Match has been played. Whilst enjoying being part of this moment of history, please be mindful that there may be some teething issues and a bit of flexibility on the day may be required.

Order of play
The coin toss takes place between the two skippers and the match referee at 12:00.

At 12:15 the trophy is announced, and Club Chair Simon Carson reads out a Memoriam to Patrick.

A minute’s applause follows.

Players take the field of play in time for the first delivery to be bowled at 12:30 sharp.

The trophy is presented by the Club Chair to the captain and vice-captain of the winning team at the conclusion of the match.

Format | T20 Test Match
Each side has a total of 15 batters and therefore have 14 wickets in total across two innings.

The first and second innings comprise of 20 overs for each team.

The first and second innings end in the event that a team loses nine wickets.

The third and fourth innings comprise of 40 overs, split between the two teams.

The team in the lead after the first two innings bats in the third innings.

The team batting in the third innings has the option to declare, in order to give themselves time to take the remining wickets and win the match.

In the final innings, if the batting side passes the total set, they win.

If the fielding side takes the remainder of the 14 wickets (total across both innings), they win.

If the fielding side fail to take 14 wickets and the batting side score fewer than the total set, the match is drawn.

If the batting side finishes on the same total, the match is tied, and the winner will be decided by boundary count.

Batters retire on 30 runs and can come back in at the end if required.

Bowlers can bowl no more than 4 overs per innings.

Wides and no balls count for 2 runs and not be re-bowled, except the final over of each innings.

Match details

Match date

Sat 13 Apr 2024


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